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To embark on a film project requires a profound sense of madness, especially knowing that it might take between two-and-ten years to make. To conquer this, the stories we aim to tell must nourish our curiosity and drive us bonkers until they’re made. Understanding the complexity and contradictions of the characters, while finding a way into a story is crucial. Inside Out Films is a small, passionate and dogged film production company that aim to make films that decipher truth from fiction.

Inside Out Films is a small but emerging production company which aims to create a vibrant and politicised space in British non-fiction cinema. In early 2017 we will be opening an office in Cape Town, so as to begin to develop more projects based on the African continent.

In 2014 Geoff Arbourne founded Inside Out Films, a small but emerging production company which aims to build upon the vibrant and politicised space of British nonfiction cinema.

“We are not chasing the news. “We just feel characters should live in the real world. Even if sometimes cinema has to remind people where the real world is.”
- Luc Dardenne

The bold and (hopefully) daring films use many creative ideas and talents from both the world of fiction and nonfiction, and merge them with the intimacy and confronting nature of nonfiction cinema. Focusing specifically on stories that explore Britain’s relationship with Africa.

Geoff Arbourne, was a 2016 Sundance Institute Fellow recipient, a 2015 Independent Filmmaker Project participant in New York and producer of the award-winning feature documentary FOREVER PURE (2016). Hopping between London and Cape Town, Geoff aims to champion both established and emerging British (specifically British directors working in Africa) talent that have an eye on international stories.

Among his many projects, he is already in development with director Rob Lemkin (Enemies of the People), writer-director Emily James (Just do it, Age of Stupid), and Mexican director Diego Quemada-Diez (La Jaula de Oro, Operation Atlas).

British documentaries in both Cinema and television have a long and successful history. But with the increasing access to new international stories, and the new possibilities in ever developing technology; British documentaries have a clear possibility to cement a new space in world Cinema.

"Its been a pleasure Geoff and not only would we willingly work with you again, I¹d actively like to find a project we can do together."
- John Battsek Passion Pictures

This space needs to embrace both the European and American influences that British documentaries so often take on. For a film to be ‘successful’ it must work on both continents, and not fall into the trap of developing projects that are comfortable and predictable, but stories that take British documentary cinema into a new space. One that is innovative, imaginative and above all a dramatic visual experience.

When looking to the future, it’s also important to further my understanding, insight and clarity about the often-complex decisions non-fictional producers make in delivering a film. It's essential that our company understands the expanding audiences we have to engage with, both in Britain and beyond. As well as grasping in what direction the goal posts of funding, marketing, and production are constantly shifting. I think it's important for producers like myself to understand this and to engage in the fact that there is never only one approach to producing a film. Learn how to bounce off in a different direction when the road usually travelled is often blocked.

Ultimately, my aim is to expand the parameters of documentary production, providing more and exciting films of theatrical release that will explore the important questions of our time. With a specific passion for themes resonating out of, or in, the African continent.

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