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We are dedicated to the nurture, development and creative exploitation of the radical, the innovative, the visionary, the truly extraordinary, in cinema and television. Our only criteria is that each new project offers a new challenge, a new development. 


“A chilling yet stunning confrontation of Europe’s colonial amnesia”

- David Lammy MP


“Harrowing but hugely important”

- Daily Express


"It is refreshing to see a Black British Artist such as Femi taking the topic of colonialism."

- Riz Ahmed - Actor

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We develop projects by filmmakers with provocative, hard-hitting and bold visions.

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We are working in the television space with documentary and original procedural series.

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Screened at over 100 film festivals worldwide - including Toronto, Cannes and BFI London.

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Our films have won numerous awards, including an Emmy award in 2016.


We aim to create an environment where being wrong is as accepted as being right, a place that supports the freedom to take risks, knowing that the edges of our work are where the greatest success lies.


We are deeply drawn towards projects that give us, and the audience, a greater understanding of the world we live in

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Inside Out Films is an international production company based in the South West of England and operates out of the U.K. and South Africa.

  1. tv series

    written by Carne Ross

    “The Council” is a Procedural TV series set in New York City.

  2. independent feature film

    written by

    Hailed as one of the most secretive, unsolved, unjust aspects of the British empire. “Chagos” in a feature film set around the highly controversial US Army base situated on the Chagos Archipelago. We will go into production in May 2022.

  3. independent feature documentary

    directed by Gordon Main

    London Recruits is an upcoming documentary film about the true story of the young men and women who undertook clandestine missions for the ANC during apartheid South Africa. Kept secret for over 40 years, their part in the long struggle for freedom can finally be told.

  4. feature documentary supported by BFI, Doc Society & BBC

    directed by Rob Lemkin, co-written by Femi Nylander

    “African Apocalypse” is directed by Rob Lemkin and produced by Geoff Arbourne, David Upshal and Rob Lemkin. Cinematography by Claude Garnier ASC and edited by multi-award-winning editor David Charap.

    The film had its world premiere at the BFI London Film Festival in October 2020.

  5. feature documentary for Netflix & BBC Storyville

    directed by Maya Zinshtein

    “Forever Pure” is set in January, 2013. A secretive transfer deal transported two Muslim players into the heart of Israel and the Jewish oriented Beitar Jerusalem F.C., leading to the most racist campaign in Israeli sport. One season and one football team in crisis, as power, money and politics fuel a club spiralling out of control.

  6. feature documentary

    directed by Maya Zinshtein

    “Beitar Jerusalem” is a symbol of rightwing Israel. But in 2012-2013 the club signed two Chechen Muslim players, enraging Beitar’s hardcore fans, La Familia, some of whom sing of being racist. Some of Israel’s political leaders find La Familia embarrassing. But do they simply reflect a wider problem facing Israel – a polarised society? Guardian link

  7. short doc

    produced by Geoff Arbourne

    “Seeds of discontent” is short documentary produced for the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam. Released less than a week before the UN Committee for World Food Security meets in Rome, this film gives a compelling visual portrait of how investment by private financial players can undermine food security and human rights in developing countries.

  8. Produced by Geoff Arbourne

    short doc for Abahlali baseMjondolo

    Tin Can Town is set in June 2010, as the football World Cup finally arrived in Africa. Thousands of families already living in dire straits were brutally sentenced to a life of poverty, as they were evicted to tin shacks miles from their homes, hidden from the television screens and the worlds media attention. Tin Can Town follows local residents through police brutality, family separation, and their struggle to reclaim the peoples game.

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Inside Out Films is an enterprising production company and home to original, visually exciting stories with a clear focus on political subjects.

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