Inside Out Films

An international production company with its roots in a remote part of Devon, in rural England

Explore a new visual voice of truth in a world hell-bent on distorting it.

We aim to create an environment where being wrong is as accepted as being right, a place that supports the freedom to take risks, knowing that the edges of our work are where the greatest success lies.


INSIDE OUT FILMS – is an Emmy award-winning production company with its roots in a remote part of Devon, in rural England. Founded in 2013 by Geoff Arbourne.  We deliver and produce successful and entertaining television and feature films; a place where ideas can be nurtured in a supportive environment, while exploring the intimacy of truth. 

Over the last seven years, the company has developed a broad slate of projects by filmmakers with provocative, hard-hitting and bold visions.


Geoff Arbourne
Producer at Inside Out Films


Our Story

Inside Out Films is an international production company based in Devon and operates out of the U.K. and South Africa.

Taking its name from the phrase ‘what is normally inside now turns outwards,’ IOF is at the forefront of producing hard-hitting, emotionally intelligent, and deeply personal films of the highest quality.

We are a small but determined production company that is becoming more effective at transforming ideas into ambitious productions. We currently have two staff members. Geoff Arbourne Producer and Richard Baskett Head of Finance both started at the company in 2013.

In 2017, we opened a small satellite office in Cape Town, South Africa. It aims to build a strong network of filmmakers and film professionals across the continent, and also facilitates attendance and participation at many of the regions film festivals and markets – Zanzibar (ZIFF), Durban (DIFF), Joburg (JFF), FESPACO, Zimbabwe, the Rwanda Film Festival, and the Maisha Film Festival in Uganda.

We are a company with strong roots in documentary filmmaking – exploring a distinctive visual essence of the truth – and we are determined to continue that along with beginning to develop new fictional projects

Our Film Production Services

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Feature Films

Specialising in distinctive and imaginative features.
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Feature Documentary

A clear focus on political subjects and exploring the intimacy of truth.
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Producing a number of docu-series and TV series

Featured Projects



I am intensely excited by the pilot for this upcoming project. As an artist myself whose music and films often look at topics of migration and minority identity it is refreshing to see a Black British artist such as Femi taking the topic of colonialism.

Riz Ahmed

Film actor, rapper, and activist

“I found it utterly compelling. It’s really rich and evocative.. and powerful. I was completely absorbed and affected by the film thus far.” EXTERMINATE ALL THE BRUTES

Robyn Slovo










Winning Awards


Finding the intimacy of truth.

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