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Podcast #01

Michèle Ray-Gavras is a French producer, born in 1939 in Paris. Michèle started her career as a journalist. She was kidnapped and detained for a month by the Vietcong during a report in Vietnam in 19671 and collaborated in the collective film Loin du Vietnam (Dépêches du Vietnam, John Steinbeck , Ed. Les Belles Lettres , 2013). Freelance journalist between 1963 and 1977, Michèle Ray covered the communist struggles in Vietnam, Bolivia for several media.

“Between April 1966 and February 1967, Michèle Ray travels in South Vietnam alongside American GIs.”

Leaving the south to go north, she was captured by the Viet-Congs onJanuary 17, 1967 and released on February 6, after falling ill 1 . A special issue of the Nouvel Observateur will be devoted to his report. The images she will bring back will be used in the documentary film Far from Vietnam ( Dispatches from Vietnam , John Steinbeck , Ed. Les Belles Lettres , 2013). The same year, she published her story Des deux rives de l’Enfer ( ed. Robert Laffont ).

In 1967, she went to Bolivia on the occasion of the death of Che Guevara, drawing a story published in Paris Match on his capture and execution before being expelled. In 1971, Michèle Ray covered the Uruguayan general elections for the ORTF.

“kidnapped by the group OPR-33 and is held for 3 days”

Costa Gavras was also in Uruguay at the time, preparing his film State of Siege 4.


1978 : Long live the President or The Recourse of the Method ( El recurso del método ) by Miguel Littín
1983 : Hanna K. from Costa-Gavras
1985 : Le Thé au harem d’Archimède by Mehdi Charef
1986 : Family council of Costa-Gavras
1987 : Miss Mona by Mehdi Charef
1988 : Camomile by Mehdi Charef
1993 : Latcho Drom by Tony Gatlif
1993 : The Little Apocalypse of Costa-Gavras
1994 : Waiting for the barbarians (or Far from the barbarians ) by Liria Bégéja
1996 : Pereira claims ( Sostiene Pereira ) by Roberto Faenza
1996 : Mondo by Tony Gatlif
1996 : Rainbow for Rimbaud by Jean Teulé
2002 : The Corsair, the magician, the thief and the children (documentary) by Julie Gavras
2002 : Amen. by Costa-Gavras
2005 : The Couperet of Costa-Gavras
2006 : Mon colonel by Laurent Herbiet
2007 : Gallic cartridges by Mehdi Charef
2012 : Before losing everything by Xavier Legrand
2015 : Now they can come from Salem Brahimi
2015 : Graziella by Mehdi Charef
2017 : At my age I’m still hiding to smoke from Rayhana (Obermeyer )
2019 : Adults in the Room by Costa-Gavras

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