2021 ‘War on Terror’

“The stories beyond the front lines”

After considerable time and effort, dear friends of mine (Frank Barat, Ali Al-arian and others) have skilfully programmed a brilliant new film festival – examining the last 20 years of the war on terror.


The details of the festival are outlined below:


The War on Terror Film Festival is a month-long, public virtual event featuring 20 award-winning films. Made over the last 20 years that document abuses, highlight crimes, and satirize absurdities of the “war on terror”.


From the Oscar-winning “Citizenfour” and “Taxi to the Dark Side” to the Oscar-nominated “Dirty Wars”. And the highly-acclaimed “The Mauritanian,” “Four Lions,” “Fahrenheit 9/11” and “The Feeling of Being Watched”.


These films shine a spotlight on the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, indefinite detention at Guantánamo Bay prison, torture and surveillance.


Each screening will be accompanied by a live discussion with filmmakers, actors, scholars, survivors and resistors, who will reflect on the challenges of living through the policies of the so-called “war on terror” and telling these stories.

20 Years | 20 Films

As the world reflects on two decades of the “war on terror,” this virtual film festival will take viewers on a journey to bear witness to the devastation of America’s wars and security state. Together, these films paint a picture of the experiences of those who bore the brunt of America’s post-9/11 policies, as well as their pain, trauma, hope, and resilience.


The slate of featured films include documentary and narrative features and cut across genres from drama to comedy.


All films and panel discussions will be accessible through the WOTFF site, which also includes upcoming showings, a roster of participants in each film’s discussion, and the complete 5-weekend schedule. Participants should register to receive email updates and full, free access to watch the films. Follow and like @WOTFilmFestival on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates and announcements.

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