Special preview

“A special preview screening of The Committed – Operation London Recruits”

Thurs Feb 2023
By IOF Team

The Committed – Operation London Recruits A new feature documentary An invitation only special test screening


A special Preview Screening of: The Committed – Operation London Recruits

Doors Open 15 00

Film Starts 15 30



Apartheid South Africa.

The anti-apartheid struggle has a new secret weapon.

Oliver Tambo has a daring plan to infiltrate young, British activists into Apartheid South Africa posing as tourists. Their mission, in the face of brutal lockdown by the racist regime, is to help inspire ordinary South Africans to join a liberation movement that will never give up till freedom is won.


This film tells the story of the young women and men who answered Tambo’s call.


After the screening, there’ll be a short Q&A with a couple of the original London Recruits

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