Cannes Film Festival Special


‘Cannes Film Festival Special

Cannes Exclusive: Mahdi Fleifel’s Directors’ Fortnight world premiere follows cousins and refugees fleeing Greece for Germany.


Talking Movies reports from the Cannes Film Festival – one of the biggest and most prestigious movie events of the year. The team will cover the eagerly awaited Megalopolis, starring Adam Driver, from cinema great Francis Ford Coppola. Festival-goers have great expectations for this picture because Coppola won the top prize at Cannes – the Palme d’Or – in the 1970s for his two era-defining films, The Conversation and Apocalypse Now.

Talking Movies will also be covering other American films, including The Apprentice, which portrays Donald Trump in his younger years when he was making a name for himself in New York in the real estate business. France has witnessed an emboldening of its #MeToo movement, and Talking Movies looks at its impact in Cannes. There is also a report on The Invasion, a powerful and moving documentary from top Ukrainian filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa on life in his country since Russia’s invasion.

Here’s the official synopsis courtesy of Directors’ Fortnight:

“After fleeing a camp in Lebanon, two Palestinian cousins, are stranded in Athens, living in an underground limbo. Desperately seeking a way to reach Germany, they find themselves caught in an uncontrollable spiral. Nourished by New York cinema (notably ‘Midnight Cowboy’), ‘To a Land Unknown’ races along like an edgy thriller, tragic but stripped back. A compelling, uncompromising and nuanced look at the living conditions of migrants.”

This is Fleifel’s first narrative feature after the acclaimed documentary “A World Not Ours” premiered at TIFF more than a decade ago. Salaud Morisset handles foreign sales on “To a Land Unknown.” Eurozoom is the French distributor. The film screens at the festival beginning May 22

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